DIY Essential Oil Diffuser for a Spring Refresh

It’s time for a spring refresh, and with only a few materials, you can put this DIY Essential Oil Diffuser together for a natural aromatherapy boost to your space. Plus, it makes us think of cake. 

DIY Essential Oil Diffuser for a Spring Refresh //

Our first love is filling our home with the smell of fresh baked goods, which is why we’re always popping Healthyish cakes in the oven, but alas, we can only eat so much cake. Another option is to make these DIY Essential Oil Diffusers. The process is as simple as mixing oil and essential oils. The hardest part is just narrowing down the scents you want to use.

DIY Essential Oil Diffuser for a Spring Refresh //

The bamboo diffuser reeds pull the essential oil scent from a light carrier oil to release a light aroma over time. Unlike commercial room sprays, which simply try to cover up bad smells, essential oils have beneficial purifying and aromatherapy qualities.

DIY Essential Oil Diffuser for a Spring Refresh //

DIY Essential Oil Diffuser: How To

To make your own Essential Oil Diffuser, simply pick a glass container, add a base oil like almond oil, jojoba or safflower (or try a vodka combination), then mix in the essential oil combination of your liking. For an oil base, use a ratio of 30% essential oil to 70% base oil. Add bamboo reeds or shortened skewers, and let them rest for a few hours to absorb the oils, then flip them to scent side up. Simply repeat this process when the scent fades.

DIY Essential Oil Diffuser for a Spring Refresh //

One favorite combination is a Eucalyptus and Peppermint blend in the bathroom for a really cleansing vibe. For this combination, we used uplifting Bergamot and Orange, to give a bright and refreshing scent. As an added bonus, it reminds us of tea time with a citrusy Tangy Lemon Healthyish Cake and a mug of Earl Grey tea, which you definitely deserve after a DIY session.

DIY Essential Oil Diffuser for a Spring Refresh //

Author: Quelcy

Quelcy is a Pittsburgh based food stylist, photographer, dessert advocate and crazy dog lady. She shares seasonally inspired recipes rooted in nostalgia on her blog, Her favorite Healthish combo is tangy lemon cake with a dollop of dark chocolate frosting.

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